I am a projector with its lens open, silent, thinking and presenting. My material comes from observation and patience. Creative ideas, like ghosts, hover timidly on the edge of my consciousness. I detect them through exploration and intuition; observing the pleasant change of rhythm in a song, the color transitions of sunlight through leaves, and the branching of water as it runs down a surface. I work to translate the souls of these moments into paint. My work is ultimately representational. I speak through the elements of the artwork. Visual characteristics such as the shape of brush strokes, color and texture, all serve to highlight the most important aspects of the image while discarding the things that I deem unimportant and distracting. I do this to create a result in which the artful elimination of detail mirrors the foggy nature of memories and creates a feeling of transcendence which puts a viewer in touch with his or her own sense of mortality.





  • 2014 Fresno State University Student Show (Digital Painting)

  • 2015 Fresno State University Student Show (Oil Painting)

  • 2016 Fresno State University Senior Show (Oil Painting)

  • 2016 CCACA (Sculpture)

  • 2017 CCACA (Sculpture & Oil Painting)

  • 2017 Art and Perception (Solo Show, Mixed Media)



  • Advanced Studies Scholar of Distinction (2013)

  • Smittcamp Family Honors College Full Ride Scholarship (2013-2017)

  • Candlelight Guild-Susan Mon Pere Memorial Art Scholarship (2016)